It was a few years ago that I was in nutrition school, sitting in my Nutrition and the Environment class.  Truthfully, it was one of the most depressing classes at the school–that’s the bad news.  The good news? I learned so much about our environment and how it was impacting our health as a collective society.  In this class we were forced to take a look at one part of our home, the products we were using, and thoroughly rate them based on their toxicity level.

I was shocked when I had learned that products I had been using for years were intensely chemically-laden.  During this course, I was introduced to The Environmental Working Group, which helped me to get a breakdown of the chemicals I found in my products and how they were impacting my health.  

I want you to pause for a second and consider this:  from the second you get out of bed and walk into the washroom to… wash your hands, brush your teeth, shower, put your make-up on… you are introducing your body to products that are either helping to keep you balanced and well, or contributing to imbalances, otherwise known as disease.

I’m not going to bore you with the stats behind how these chemicals increase our risk for cancer, impact our fertility, or even worse-yet, impact our future childrens’ fertility–you can read those on your own–but know that, on average, women are applying over X chemicals on their body, daily, and these are negatively impacting our health, and there’s evidence to prove it.

So since my studies, I challenged myself to swap out some of my OG cosmetics for au-naturale, which was truly a huge feat.  I’ve tried + tested so many clean beauty products, and some truly didn’t even come near the drugstore branded stuff that had held me over for so long!



I’ll definitely do a post reviewing my favourite clean beauty products, but today is all about my beloved Beautycounter!  Their mission is to get safer products into the hands of everyone and I’m all about that.  They promise to never infuse, use, or abuse any of the chemicals found on their “Never List,” which is a list of over 400 chemicals that they’ve banned–similar to European standard.  Canada is firming up their laws on cleaner/safer beauty, but they are still not great. It’s seriously our job to move the market but putting our dollars into the hands of brands like Beautycounter, who are not only committing their customers to safer skincare, but also taking political action with our government to advocate for everyone about strictor cosmetic laws.  

I decided to become a consultant with Beautycounter one year ago for a couple of reasons: one – I wanted to try many of their products so I wanted to get their products discounted (do ya blame me?); two – I wanted to have a cosmetic and skincare company that I had tried, loved, and trusted that I could recommend to my clients who were looking to clean up their beauty routines so that they could positively impact their health, especially their hormones.  I do not push the products onto my followers or clients, but I do share my honest opinion about their products, which I–for the most part–genuinely LOVE. That being said, whenever someone makes a purchase off of my personal Beautycounter web site, I do get a commission from the sales. If you make a purchase, thank you! I appreciate your business, but most importantly, I would LOVE if you could just share the product, or even better, the notion that chemically-laden cosmetics and skin-care are hurting our health and that safer skincare should be STANDARD!

All seriousness aside now, today I want to do a quick round-up on my all-time favourite Beautycounter products.  These are products that I’ve repurchased several times, recommend to my friends, family and clients, and that I’ve even gifted before (and had people also love).  


#1) My ABSOLUTE all-time favourite lip gloss, so fancily named Lip Gloss in the colour Opal – Moonstone.  

I gifted this absolute beauty to all of my bridesmaids in my wedding party this summer and so many of them were so happy!  It is an absolutely STUNNING neutral that provides the BEST glossy glow and tastes like vanilla. Seriously, a crowd pleaser, and looks amazing on any skin-tone.  The texture–and taste–is seriously the best I’ve ever tried from the entire clean beauty industry (if you want to challenge this, pop your fave gloss below in the comments).  

This is seriously a MUST try if you’re new to Beautycounter, and also makes for a great gift or stocking stuffer!

#2) Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation

Let me be straight with you: I’ve tried several clean beauty foundations and none of them compare to the coverage, texture, and longevity of this product.  As a long-time Clinique Even Better girl, I found it sooo challenging to replace my foundation, but when I found the Tint Skin, I was hooked.  Save yourself the hundreds of dollars you may/will spend on searching for a chemical-free but effective foundation and buy this ASAP!

(I use Sand in the summer and Linen in the winter)

#3) No. 3 Balancing Facial Mask

AKA, the Charcoal Mask.  AKA, everyone’s favourite face detox.  What can I say? When I’m feeling congested, or when my pores are peering out a little more than I’d want them to, I turn to this mask.  I only do this a few times a month because my skin isn’t particularly oily. (If you do have oily skin, this is a great product to add to your weekly regime.  It works like a dream!) I love how this mask also has a mild exfoliating effect. My skin just feels soo much better after I use this product!

#4) Cleansing Balm

This product truly does it all!  If you’re looking for a super nourishing cleanser + make-up remover, this is the product for you.  It can take even the most stubborn make-up off! It’s enriched with so many vitamins & nutrients for your skin — this is my favourite part.  Most of the time we’re so concerned with stripping our skin of impurities; and while this product definitely removes the day, it also adds so much nourishing value to our skin: antioxidants, moisture, and more.  It also comes with an adorable re-usable, washable toilette!

#5) Eyebrow pencil

I use this eyebrow pencil in the colour medium, which matches my eyebrows perfectly!  I always get asked about what I do with my brows – this tool is my secret! I have a scar as a kid, and some patches from over-plucking in a past life, and this fills them in perfectly!  I also love how on the opposite end of the pencil is an eyebrow brush; this is keyyyy to getting a full + blended brow look!


I have many other Beautycounter products that I absolutely love and trust!  So if you’re ever wondering about how well these products perform, I can definitely help you out!

In the meantime, share with me your favourite clean beauty products before.  And if you’re still on the hunt for some, give one of these 5 a go! I promise they won’t disappoint!


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