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Samantha Van De Wal
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Clinical + functional nutrition helping you achieve period ease, smoother digestion, & radiant skin. 


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Welcome to the blog!

Launched in 2016, this site is home to a growing community of women who want to do better, be better, and feel better for themselves and for their families. Here you will find healthful recipes, blogs about my personal health journey, and most importantly, information about how you can feel better while taking on a functional and holistic approach.  

I attended The Institute of Holistic Nutrition and it’s there that I learned the meaning of health care. I completed courses in Ayurvedic medicine, environmental medicine, and even began to understand the underlying psychology of disease. With all of this powerful information at the top of my fingertips, I felt it meaningless if I didn’t have a platform to share it on.

It was my very own experience with the conventional medical system that brought me to see a naturopathic doctor and later a holistic nutritionist.  The bloating, the painful digestion, and IBS that I was experiencing couldn’t be cured by an antacid, and couldn’t be explained by blood tests.  I’m sure you’ve experienced this too! Countless trips to your medical doctor that have left you questioning your own symptoms (do they really even exist?) and what’s wrong with you! When they say, “everything looks good,” it doesn’t validate a thing. I wanted answers, and I know you do too.

Having hope and faith is half the battle. We will work together to help you believe in the body’s ability to heal itself.

I will work with you to focus your attention, shift your lifestyle, and adjust your eating habits so you can say goodbye to:

The bloating after you eat…

The bloating before your period…

Your irritability & stress…

How you react to your loved ones, even though you don’t want to…

The adult acne that came out of no where every once a month…

The loose stools, and the hard ones too…

The anxiousness…

The heavy, painful periods…

And all the symptoms you don’t want to talk about…

I’m here to tell you that you can feel aligned again – how you’re intended to feel. I’ll help you say goodbye to digestive drama, hormonal chaos, and irritating skin so you can feel like yourself again.

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Applied Holistic Nutrition Diploma from The Institute of Holistic Nutrition

Bachelor of Arts Specialization in Psychology 

Bachelor of Education

Master of Education 


Client Reviews

This program has been the best program I have ever been a part of. I am a sucker for motivating programs, but this is the first one that I can truly say has been WELL worth my money. Actually, you have gone above and beyond any of my expectations. The friendly check-in emails with tips and recaps and motivating words were an amazing touch as well. It really proves how much you care.
— Renee
The Clean Start program gave me a kickstart to changing my diet through proper nutrition and mindful eating. The mealplan was filled with a variety of recipe options that were flavourful, easy to prepare and left me feeling completely satisfied. I feel more energized, have better digestive health and lost a few pounds along the way. Thanks Samantha, for your continuous support, sharing of knowledge and words of encouragement throughout this journey.
— Linda