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When I got diagnosed with PCOS in 2017, I felt so much shame.

I felt that as a budding nutritionist, I had failed my body in some way. And there were times when I thought I wasn’t worthy of being a nutritionist or studying naturopathic medicine because of it.

Fortunately, I’ve come to learn that it’s quite the opposite. Here’s my story…

While pursuing my diploma in holistic nutrition full-time, I was also completing my master’s degree, working retail, and supply teaching as I phased out of my former career as a teacher.

I survived off coffee for breakfast and unintentionally fasted until around 1pm when I ate my salad for lunch.

At the time, I thought I had energy but looking back, I was just burning through cortisol and adrenaline.

I’d always had regular 28 day periods, but they had become irregular (from 25 to 45 days… it was so unusual for me). I was getting deep cystic acne on my jawline and neck, my hair was falling out, and I always craved sugar.

I eventually went to my MD who ran bloodwork and an ultrasound. The ultrasound detected a string of pearls on my ovaries, but all of my hormones came back within normal range. They diagnosed me with PCOS.

Like you, I went home to Google PCOS only to learn it’s the “number one cause of infertility.”

I felt helpless, lost, uncertain of how to help myself, and sad for the future of my family.

So I read books (dozens), attended webinars, did more schooling, and took an authentic look at my behaviours and how they led me to a state of imbalance. I got acupuncture, took herbs and supplements, and worked on my long-standing gut issues that were contributing to my PCOS diagnosis. Eventually, I no longer had cysts, my cycles regulated, my skin cleared, and I no longer fit the PCOS criteria.

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Why I Do What I Do

Since being diagnosed and balancing my hormones, I became empowered and realized that this syndrome would become my calling, instilling hope for individuals like you that infertility, acne, hair loss, low energy, and loss of feminity doesn’t have to be your fate. I no longer felt unworthy of being a nutritionist and student of naturopathic medicine, but instead, felt a grand sense of purpose.

PCOS isn’t a diagnosis of being overweight, eating too many carbs, and not exercising. Instead, I see it as a wake-up call from your body that how you’re living isn’t working and it needs help.

It’s hard for female hormones to live in a male-centred world: the culture of hustle. You deserve compassion, evidence-informed recommendations, and an approach that will address your mental-physical health, not just how many carbs you’re eating.

I hope my story resonates with you, and helps you to know that you’re not alone. Take a look around, take what you need, and if you want to work together, click the button below to connect with me to see how we can work together to start reversing your PCOS symptoms, too!

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